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patrick egarter, visual artist. pixelism (painted pixels) and slow-made (since 1999).

"pixelism - painted pixels (since 1999): this mark technology is based on the manner of representation of the computer. it imitates the enlargement of a photo made by a digital compact camera, with a low resolution of 1 or 3 megapixels in the early 90s, where you can see all the pixels organized in a perfect grid." patrick egarter

"slow-made is the same, but the opposite of ready-made" patrick egarter


born: 08 may 1973

bruneck (bz), south tyrol, italy.


course of graphic and design, yearly course, bozen (bz)

art school gröden - st. ulrich (bz)

academy of fine arts, (accademia di belle arti, bologna) (bo)